Monday, February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl....was yesterday

So I had wanted to get this post to you last Friday so that it was in advance of the Super Bowl. Apparently, however, my life had other plans for me. No pictures-- yesterday was a very hectic day. Kiddo #1 ((still trying to think of some cute nicknames for my children)) was very, very...rambunctiously antsy and restless. To say the least. Well back to the post.

A few years ago, when the Pittsburgh Steelers were in the Super Bowl ((only to fall pathetically to the horrid Green Bay Packers)), I decided that I wanted to create a new tradition in my family. Every year, our menu is based upon the teams who go to the Super Bowl.

That first year, we had a slew of yummy treats ((mostly because there were 9 of us)). For Green Bay we had: Macaroni and Cheese and Cheddar Beer Brats ((I'm sure this will make it onto the blog one day)). For Pittsburgh, we had Pierogies with Haluska ((not really, just the cabbage)). Then we had a bunch of little finger snacks like chips and dip; you know, regular football foods.

Last year, it was just my husband the ((then)) two littles. So, for New York, we made homemade NY style pizza and for New England ((which is in Massachusetts)) we had Apple Pie. I know it isn't really New England, or Boston, but my husband loathes anything filled so I couldn't do Boston Creme Pie. Or else I would have. My thought process was, Americana--Apple Pie.

THIS year, we had the "Harbaugh Bowl". For San Francisco,  we had some sourdough bread with spinach dip ((all store-bought)), and I made a Nappa Cabbage Salad and Pot-stickers ((when I hear SanFran I think China-Town)). For Baltimore, we had Pit Beef Sandwiches, and a Lady Baltimore Cake. I'll share the cake recipe although it isn't mine. I can't stand to actually watch her show ((lets drone on, and on, and on, and on, and.....)) but Martha Stewart has some pretty good recipes.

We did the filling a little differently. We soaked the cherries in Tazo Focus tea. omitted the figs and replaced them with chopped chocolate. The cake itself was awesome, but I did not care for the frosting. It left a very strange feeling on my teeth, I had to brush them right away. Not sure if we did something wrong or what. It could also be that I am a huge fan of my Grandmother's "buttercream" frosting.

Now, my goal is to post every Friday. Hopefully, I can one day accomplish that, Haha!


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