Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Once Upon a Time...

Sitting in a corner, of a local Starbucks quietly mousing around on the computer sipping some nice chai ((with whip of course)) while writing her blog. That is where you will find me today. My older two children are staying a couple of days with my husband's grandmother and we are without internet at the house. Boo. Well, I am about to head out the door to my sister-in-law's basketball game ((go eagles!)) I hope to have my next post up in a few days; be prepared I have a recipe with pictures for some stellarly-awesome (is that a word? oh well, now it is!)) Bacon Mac & Cheese. Mmmmm. It was pretty tasty!

Stay tuned for more from: Mama Kay. =)

Some words to remember; they are very refreshing as I reflect back on this past week ((more to come)):

Steadfast love and faithfulness preserve the king, and by steadfast love his throne is upheld! Proverbs 20:28

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